the dark war

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Mu1l69ei.gif (51973 bytes)Current time line = 999 A.D. the Dark Hour

As the other warrior kings of the world destroyed to conquer, there were two kings that conquered by absorbing other kingdoms into their own. The strength of their words alone were enough, to convince others to be side them in a unified attempt, to bring peace to the land. At the epoch of change, the two kingdoms came together at a conference that would later be known as the Battle of Nok.

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Both rulers of Nogard and Enab did agree to be united under one kingdom, to be known as Dragonbane in the land of Nok. At the ceremony to seal this momentous occasion a conflict that would last a thousand years began. Maybe having so many experienced veterans of war in one place was a mistake? Their egos when bruised eventually turned to bleed. One mans pride is another's conceit.

For one hour the magic used, caused an eclipse that would symbolically create a gap in history. The newly built castle Nok, vanished or was destroyed. All of the combatants were wounded in some fashion, but after the smoke had cleared, the most mortal of all wounds became evident. Both kings cast off their original belief that peace could be won by union.

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Twelve secret battles in all, have been waged, yet never has their been a decisive victor, this checkered past, is itself a game of  mystery. The last battle, known as the Shekel of Forli, has created a  pause. The outcome of this hot spring conflict has kept the eyes of citizens from seeing the cold truth about deceptions! King Dragon vanished from the midst of great Pain and suffering, all but one of his followers were captured, but the Bane clan still covered most of the battle field. Their apparent victory made them soon forget, that the Dragon's rise to power, was by the strength of building alliances. He retreated into obscurity until now.

Over the centuries myth and rumors have mentioned great and mysterious men named  Dragon, but this legend would remain too obscure to give absolute proof of his existence. The Bane have succeeded in engraving the fearful image of their opponent, into the spirit of all humanity. Crafty and Illusive, these are the bench marks of a Dragon. Prepare yourself for the thirteenth battle. The Battle of Dragons Tale!


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