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Each strategy you adopt is as much as a spell. When you have filled your spell book... only then will you be able to play the Nephew. The passages that follow are true statements regarding the game of chess. Encyclopedias, historical records, and books by grand masters, can never replace the magic of game play, yet are parts of the truth, so are useful to know.


0531 INDIA; Chess was introduced into Persia from India during the reign of Khusrau Nushirwan.

0570 CHINA; A form of chess was being played in China with dice.

0770 WOMEN; The 1st mention of women chessplayers.

0780 WESTERN EUROPE Moorish invaders of Spain introduce chess.

0790 CHESS PIECE; The earliest known chess piece dates to this period.

0820 RUSSIA; Chess was introduced in Russia, through the Caspian-Volga trade route.

0895 GREEKS; Chess was introduced to the Greeks ; they called it zatrikion.

0900 INDIA; Some chessplayers in India wager their fingers in chess matches.

0999 Versus de Scachis is a 98-line poem describing the game of chess and its rules. smallkingmoveclose.gif (73048 bytes)

1000 EUROPE; Chess is widely known throughout all of Europe.

1005 AL-HAKIM; Chess is banned in Egypt by al-Hakim; and all chess sets were burned.

1060 William the Conqueror breaks a chess board over the head of the Prince of France.

1093 CHURCH; Chess is condemned by the eastern orthodox church.

1254.08.16 A Court case is recorded about a chessplayer who stabbed his opponent to death.

1262 Russian word for chess (shakmatny) is introduced and adopted by the world.

1275 PAWN; The option of pawn double move on the 1st move, was introduced in Italy.

1375 Charles V (1337-80) of France prohibits chess.

1416 Jews of Forli banned all games of chance, except chess.standingred.gif (877 bytes)

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chataranga.gif (3130 bytes)Opening game setup:

The game is played on an uncheckered board of eight by eight equal squares.

White: King e1; Counselor d1; Rook a1, h1; Knight b1, g1;Elephant c1, f1; Pawns a2, b2, c2, d2, e2, f2, g2, h2.

Black: King d8; Counselor e8; Rook a8, h8; Knight b8, g8;Elephant c8, f8; Pawns a7, b7, c7, d7, e7, f7, g7, h7.

Moves of the game pieces:

The king moves as a usual king, but additionally has the right to make one knight-move during the game, provided that he has not been checked before he makes his knight-move. Castling does not exist.

The counselor moves one square diagonally.

The elephant moves two squares diagonally, but may jump the intervening square.

The knight moves as a usual knight.

The rook or chariot moves as usual rook.

The pawn or soldier moves and takes as a usual pawn, but may not make a double step on its first move.

Promotion in rank:

Pawns can be promoted when they arrive at the last rank of the board, but only to the type of piece that was on that promotion-square in the opening setup, for e.g., a white pawn that moves to b8 can only promote to a knight. In addition, promotion is only possible when the player already lost a piece of that type, so the pawn moving to b8 will only promote to a knight, when the white player already lost a knight during the game. Pawns never promote on e1 or d8.

Mate and stalemate:

Object of the game is to mate the opponents king. The player that stalemates its opponent loses the game



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May you behold the beauty of dragons and overcome the bane of your existence.

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