The Good Jesture

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People are at their most unconscious when they are happy and having fun. That is to say that you don't resist the flow of things. On the other hand, when a person is angry or upset they try to control the surroundings to accommodate their needs. Deliberately trying to change the natural order of things, forcing the flow instead flowing with the force.  Positive thinking produces positive results. Athletes perform better when they are happy for it is their unconscious mind that does the right thing at the right time.clock.gif (56527 bytes)

    The Gothic rules for chess allow for conversation, unlike modern chess rules where all such idle chat is prohibited. bug.gif (22800 bytes)The intention of having conversation was to enjoy the match as it is truly only one of many and the sound of dead air is as boring as hell. bell.gif (14167 bytes)Distractions are everywhere, chess can teach you to adapt and overcome. Before the age of stifling rules and censorship, the game of chess was entertaining and full of rich laughter, Friends can freely gloat over their most recent victory or confabulate a worthy excuse for their loss. Laughter and repetition of the same, will form a non-breakable bond between opponents. smile.GIF (715 bytes) Like any other sport, compliments and respect, should not be restricted until after the fat lady sings. The lack of spectator participation,  reduces the game to a mere fraction of what life has to teach and this game has to offer. Staunton Chess is a shadow of its true nature. The game of chess is designed to teach and entertain, one without the other is worthless. Make clear your intentions to thrash your opponent and teach them a most valuable lesson...the right time to do the right thing is now and they should gladly attempt to prove you wrong..

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