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             The funeral of the late Huxley Bonnell produced the beginning of the end. The end of a secret that had been hidden for a thousand years. Inheritance was given, from a most unlikely man. He was a poverty stricken alcoholic with three fingers missing and one blind eye. To have been so crafty at hiding his heritage, that his great nephew never knew his secret, until after he died. Huxley left behind an old suitcase, with tattered cloths and a very dusty book inside. The book unfolded into a game board that looked so simple to build, yet had never been duplicated in thirteen generations. This book is the original book,bookbrdsml.gif (7520 bytes) it's cover says Gothic Chess, it's story is Dragon and Bane.

        This Game began in the Dark Ages of human history which were created by the destruction of recorded knowledge. Armies upon armies of mindless human beings ruled the earth by force of brute strength. They destroyed books and records to inflict fear and therefore, rule by the order of ignorance.  Knowledge is power. The Dark Ages did in fact end, but by no means forget, that it had a beginning!

lrgyellowdrgn.gif (11869 bytes)  In the middle of these evil times, a division of forces made a stand for good!  After the forgotten war, the Dark hour, one form of chess rose up as the most commonly accepted way to play war games. Staunton figures with specific shapes and style that infer an equal force on each side, only color as the difference. ...Most importantly the playing field or game board was always flat. The Dragonknave board is an underground survivor of that two dimensional ruling, it is a bridge to draw experience for the gothic life board, a training ground for knave or novice players. smallknave.gif (9267 bytes)smallknavepcs.gif (7003 bytes)

The game started with a war between two would be rulers and the battle field was most certainly not flat. Each kingdom played chess as a teaching tool for their subjects, but the victor of the Dark war, chose flat, two dimensional playing boards and outlawed all three dimensional games. Documented history has proof, that for every misguided ruling, there is equal rebellion and underground resistance! This three dimensional game, has been kept safe from that time, until now.   gavel.GIF (10817 bytes)

Widely accepted by all Gods creatures, as the best tools for explaining life,  games, were less obvious forms of education. Overlooked by the Bane, word of mouth and memory replaced the books. For some time, games became a library of vast experience and strategy. Today’s world must  foresee and expect like kind of deception. An old lesson that was best left for last. The hardest lesson in life, is knowing how much of what you see, can you trust. How much is true, how much is not?

The victor, attempted to breed out that defect of human behavior, by excluding it from future games. King Bane and his subjects, have depicted his adversary as a monster, who today is still drawn and rendered as his rival intended. In truth it is the Dragon clan that excels at uneven battle, already handicapped by the years of slander and deprivation of truth.

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        King Dragon and King Bane were the last of their kind. At the epoch of change, when most other rulers were consumed by greed, wealth and power, these two, would decide which strategies of game play, would teach their subjects and all generations that follow. To the victors go the spoils of war, and they are the writers and therefore, the makers of History. When the Battle of Nok ended, one ruler chose to lead the rebuilding of records. Like the game of chess itself, one piece of history was kept in hiding. The truth about the survivor. The victor retained the possessions of battle, but the opponent vanished before defeat. A Stalemate is considered a loss for the aggressor, in some places. 1smalblu.gif (780 bytes)

This war is not over yet. The book in question is alive with a story of discovery, defeat and triumph, ...success against overwhelming odds and loss when a victory seems imminent. The game has not only survived, but has become the most personal strategy game ever discovered. Monopoly and Risk will never overwhelm the human experience like chess. So why was this game board kept such a secret? This book is dangerous and is not like any other, as it is real magic. If combined with the magic of illusion and the vision of the third dimension, the causality of the Dark Ages may be laid open to us again. The means to defeat it, is as simple as the ability to predict it.  

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From generation to generation the secret of uneven battle has been guarded by the survivors of the war between Dragon and Bane. Each time the book was passed, the story is revealed through the book. After the death of each sentinel, their knowledge of the war and the game were passed spiritually to the next. The book is simply the medium. Huxley has never played chess with me when alive. Now,  he is my teacher of deception and our history is the greatest weapon.

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        They say the time of change is upon us again ; between Good and Evil stands a chance for total destruction to the earth. In these times of such importance, the world must be prepared for overwhelming odds and possible loss when victory seems imminent. The last thousand years of mankind’s knowledge could be lost and the beginning of the final dark age may crush us all!

The secret wisdom of Dragonbane, is that all players defend each player, by confronting the illusions made by their opponents. key.GIF (12848 bytes)Each player seeks the truth for each other. It has been predetermined that this game be developed now. The most overlooked and oldest form of teaching is through the use of games. In these such times, The Book of Gothic Chess is awakened to the whole world, to prepare us for conflict and show how to prevail over deceptions. A great division will take place and Staunton Chess will be challenged once more. The Book of Gothic Chess, will teach you magic if you listen to the players and view the game as a projection of today’s united dominion. I am the nephew and can not be beaten, I accept all challenges with good reason!!...… standingyellow.gif (919 bytes)



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