The Number of Dragon 999

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The Number of Dragon 999

Mathematics and magic do relate, when the power of illusion cast their number with those of similar kind. On average most people understand the unraveling of verbal or written riddle. Upon these pages the tongue of Dragon will be understood by only Dragons and to the rest, only ranting, dribble and smoke. I speak of Averages within the game of chess, that create a duality of perfect balance. The two sides of chess are identical with the exception of color. One is merely a spiritual shadow of the other. "The Book of Changes" also known as I Ching( pronounced yi king ), is also based on coincidental numbers representing similar life concepts.antaosmall.gif (8338 bytes)

The Yin and the Yang represent two opposing forces that reflect and refract in an ever changing dance. The Yin is represented by broken lines (destructive, incomplete and separate) and the yang by solid lines (positive and whole). From these two primary elements, time  is added, making two more symbols, representing an old Yin( a broken line becoming whole) and a old yang a solid line breaking down, becoming a yin) yingyangn1.gif (509 bytes)A combination of six lines  are cast, called a hexagram. There are 64 possible hexagrams, which are read by matching the prophetic text for the symbol, found within the Book of Changes. All of which blend to form a gradient of good and evil.4ching.gif (2230 bytes)These six lines are read in groups of three, called trigrams ; division is an intricate part of both chess and the I Ching, most chess players naturally read three moves ahead!

Can you see the future within the game of chess? This is more than simply the momentary basics of chess ; if the hexagrams from the I Ching are read from each block upon the Gothic Life Board , (right to left, back to forward) then true fortune may be found upon the last resting block of your king! A secret map and translation for the Book of Changes is said to be hidden within the Book of Gothic Chess. The mathematics and principles of the I Ching made possible  the Book of Gothic Chess, which I contend was developed in the year 999. It is also my contention, that the character of Gothic Chess has been deformed and disfigured by years of  lies, opposition and fear.

Different cultures came together and formed a new symbol for a now fallen kingdom in the land of Nok! This emblem has been downtrodden by the Bane to create fear in the hearts of the general public. They say only pagan demons and dragons follow this mark ; think truly inside yourself, does it not have a repulsion now built into it's facade? Is this not the mark of the Devil himself? devilicon.gif (14259 bytes)This symbol now turned upside down by the bane, could never be used to promote the story of  Dragon and Bane. Five subjects surrounded by the wisdom and power of a king, creating a  united and rhythmic token, a token of different people uniting as one! To those descendants of the Dragon clan, we can see that more than just this symbol has been twisted by the Bane. King Nogard was labeled Dragon by his foe and now his descendants shall carry the yoke. Dragons to the Bane shall we ever be!

The game of chess has a soul in its own right, as it is the most widely known board game in all of human history. It is in it's self, Captivating. The numbers speak for themselves as the truth is tangible and mathematically provable. You  have probably seen a chess set on TV or in person, at least once in the last week. If "it doesn't add up" then you shouldn't believe it. Quiz yourself at the end of next week! anstardavidsmall.gif (10810 bytes)

Start with for instance the 64 squares or spaces that are used in chess, combined with 6 different types of players that repeat to form 2 armies of 16 players each. Do these 32 players take up half the board?  Why is the game started with the game spaces half full and half empty? As the battle progresses and some of the full spaces become empty by the capture of game pieces, then the life board becomes more empty than full! Much likened to real war. This game is intended to deter and predict war,.. not promote it!!

The calculating nature of the game, produces a logic that is to the most part hidden from novice players. You must project a future derived from past events within the game. Multiply known factors over and over again, with slightly different endings each time.  Like a genetic attribute,  the ability to adapt with patience releases anxiety and fear, so therefore will in crease your life span. When you overcome fear you overcome anger.dice2CLR.gif (5214 bytes)

Take for another example the capture profile of each game piece. The king game piece may only have a maximum choice of 8 spaces at any one time. The queen may capture as many as 27 possible targets. The bishops are odd and unique in that they may capture 13 each, the knights however only 8 each and the rooks 14 each. The  pawns have an attack profile of 3 each at most. If you combine this ability you understand the hidden meaning of this game. 8+27+(13+13)+(8+8)+(14+14)+(3x8)=129 , more than twice as many as there are blocks to capture! One armies strength outweighs the ability of the world beneath it to resist. Chess has two such armies that when combined, have the attack ability to capture four worlds. The I Ching book of changes is based upon the balance of  four elements. Timing is the most critical of all factors in this game and is also the most difficult of real world factors to control or reproduce, yet this inventor has symbolically, done just that!

How is it that this particular pattern of 64 spaces were chosen to establish the theater of operation? Why 16 players on each side? This game is not merely happenstance, but is a symphony of mathematical connections. Why eight pawns instead of eight knights or eight queens? The original inventor of chess had a unique ability to find balance in the weight of it's design. All 6 different players must have to move differently,  but be equally as dangerous, thus equally as important. The lack of mobility built into the pawns,  is compensated by its numbers, conversely the strength of the queen is limited in it's number, a variable connected to the smallest and most plentiful of all players. The rhythm of this game's spirit is fluent math.


What of the history of Dragon and Bane? helmetredembost.gif (4843 bytes)

How do they fit into the riddle written within the games design? openingbook.gif (2434 bytes)

Why did it resurface in1999, 1000 years after its design?stopwatch.gif (3816 bytes)

Nogard  /  Dragon was the ruler of a vast and timeless Kingdome. Wrapped around his palms and wrist, is a leather impaling harness, used to support the weight of his crucifixion. His headdress was a helmet in the shape of a dragon with eight horns. The fifth horn took the shape of a cross consisting of 13 surfaces. The head of the dragon splitting into two, and it's tail draped behind it's up stretched wings. This mask is representative of Nogard's life. Like a Prophet, Dragon foresaw 13 generations into the future, this game was created for today's world!!!.skincloseking.gif (15052 bytes)

The book transforms into a game board consisting of two pieces that lock together. Half of the surface is white and half is black. Both depend on each other to make the board and game functional. openingbrd.gif (230846 bytes)Dependence is the key word to truly describe chess, all factors of the game must maintain a balance. The origin of this game book depended upon a king, who lived with the  knowledge of  the I Ching Book of Changes. He  multiplied that strength, to form an everlasting army in a game known as chess. To know the whole story, seek you the answers at the Oracles of Dragonbane.spinningglobe[1].gif (14023 bytes)

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