three spells

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Typical Battle Strategy:

King Castle Guard move : Under normal conditions a King piece may only move one block at a time, during this defensive strategy, the king may move two spaces to his left or right. If the opportunity and desire exists to secure the king into this defended profile, then during the same turn, one of the rooks must be used to guard him, by moving that piece onto the block, on the other side of the moved king . Both the king and the rook chosen must not have been already moved and there must not be any player obstructing the free movement of both players.  It is illegal to pass through check or into a check position with your king.

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Resurrection: Of all the expendable players it is the pawns role to sacrifice all,  to resurrect a captured queen. If any pawn can reach to the last rank and level of his opponents Hope Board, then he is transformed into the spirit of a queen. Twelve previous battles can supply enough spirits for eight pawns. Those spirits can take any player game pieces form, but is most often resurrected as a queen, that choice is up to the king.

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Vanishing Stalemate: perpetual check: If the game does not have a definitive ending then a draw is declared. The king may escape losing by vanishing. This spell can only be cast if the following conditions exist :

Prior to starting the game, both combatants must agree that 20 or 50 moves will be the amount of moves a king must make to escape capture. All other players on the escaping kings clan must be immobilized or already defeated prior to starting the count.

If it is your turn to move and your king is not currently in check and is the only movable game piece on your clans side and the only move available is to go into a block that is already defended by your opponent, then the move will checkmate you, so the vanishing spell is the only legal option remaining. Kings never commit suicide!...That's Insane!

If your opponent attempts an unsuccessful attack on your king with the exact same moves three times in a row,  then both players may agree to end the contest. This perpetual checking may go on forever, so it is advised to start a new game,  or convince your opponent to attempt a different attack strategy. You could play checkers instead of chess, however your decisions available are some what limited.


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